Marble Pebbles

Valli Granulati offers Marble Pebbles selected from the best Italian quarries. These products are processed, not only with the most common treatments, such as water tumbling, drying and dedusting, but (on request) also with an exclusive resin coating process. This specific process consists in coating the grain surface with a resin, which gives the granulate a shiny and highly aesthetic effect, useful to prevent the release of powders. It is possible to choose the type of resin: epoxy, polyurethane, for indoor or outdoor use.

Valli Marble Pebbles are available in different grain sizes: 2/4 - 4/8 - 8/10 - 7/15 - 10/15 - 15/18 - 15/25 - 18/25 - 25/40 - 40/60 - 60/100 mm...Other sizes are available upon request.