1 Product, 1000 applications

  • Aquariums


    Sand is a vital component of any aquarium. Valli Granulati has a wide range of sands and granulates of various sizes and colours to customise your aquarium. Valli Granulati is the leading manufacturer of coloured sands on the Italian market, offering a range that includes more than 1500 colours, always able to meet any customer’s requests.

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  • Decorations


    The extraordinary flexibility of the coloured sand has allowed us to advertise the product in many fields: from aesthetic decorations to hobbies and decoupage. All the colours are perfect for embellishing centrepieces, bottles, floral arrangements and clear containers in general. The expertise and the creativity of those who use it has created a world around the product itself: there are in fact online forums where people can discuss which decorative sand is better for this or that specific use. Valli Granulati also offers a wide range of decorative stones, used for decoupage, to embellish gardens or to decorate pots.

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  • Purification of waters

    Purification of waters

    Valli Granulati is the leading manufacturer and distributor of silica sands, intended for the water purification industry. Thanks to the mechanical filtering action of the sand, the fluids passing through the filters, which filled with sand, are cleaned from solid residues. Sand is the right solution for the purification of water, both in the ecological and economic sense. Valli Granulati also offers various types of minerals, such as anthracite, activated carbon, calcium carbonates, garnet, pyrolusite, zeolite, etc...

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  • Sports Facilities

    Sports Facilities

    Sand has a fundamental role in the realization of sports facilities such as tennis courts, football fields, golf courses, beach volley and beach soccer courts, boules courts…Sand grains are embedded, both in synthetic grass and in natural grass fields, through spreading and brushing between the bristles of the synthetic liners, with a dual function: to stabilize and to improve the features of the game. The first layer of sand, also known as stabilising granules, is composed of selected silica sand. The the second layer of sand, also known as infill performance, is composed of different types of sand, aimed at improving the liner performance. It is possible to use colourful quartz, rubber granulates,...

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  • Plasters


    Plaster, or wall coating, is the outer layer applied to the walls of a building: it gives a proper resistance to mechanical stresses and/or to atmospheric agents, as well as a finish on an aesthetic level. Sand is a fundamental element in the creation of plasters and Valli Granulati - thanks to the experience gained over the years - has developed specific recipes for both lime-based and cement-based plasters. Valli Granulati has a highly equipped and modern laboratory that performs tests and quality controls.

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  • Resin Floors

    Resin Floors

    Valli Granulati offers a wide range of natural and coloured sands for the realisation of resin floors.

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  • Industrial flooring

    Industrial flooring

    Valli Dusting Quartz originates from decades of experience in the manufacture of powder premixed products. Valli Premixed products meet all the qualitative safety standard requirements (UNI 11146) and vary according to where they are installed and to which materials have been used to produce them. In order to improve the quality of resistance to heavy loads and abrasion, Valli Granulati also produces mortars containing aggregates with high harnesses, such as, for example, corundum, the steel grits, basalt, etc...

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  • Foundry Sand

    Foundry Sand

    Valli Granulati provides sand intended for foundry processes. Silica sand is a highly refractory material that is suitable for the production of foundry moulds and cores.

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  • Sandblasting


    Valli Granulati is the leading supplier of sand suitable for the sandblasting process. Sandblasting is a mechanical action, where a jet of air and sand, erodes the outer surface of an object. This is usually performed in the processing of metal surfaces for the removal of oxidations and paints, but it is also suitable for sandblasting of marble, wood, etc,...

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