Adhesives coating for thermal insulation

Valli Granulati offers a wide range of Adhesives and Skim Plasters for thermal and acoustic insulation.

The constant research of methods for the construction of civil use buildings with a lower heat dispersion and a better energy class has allowed Valli Granulati to introduce on the market their line of Adhesives and Skim Plasters.

Valli Adhesives are used for thermal insulation of walls of a building through insulating panels, both internal and external. The standard version is available with basic grey or white cement, in the 0.7 mm and 1.2 mm grain size. All Valli Adhesives for thermal insulation are certified: they boast the CNR ITC quality mark and are UNI EN 998-1 certified - mortar for general purposes (GP) for indoor/outdoor use.

Two other exclusive versions are available, called: "Lightened Adhesive", which differs from the others due to the expanded glass microsphere compound that gives the product a lower specific weight, and "Fibre-reinforced Adhesive", which differs from the others due to the synthetic fibres compound that improves processing and cohesion.