Silica Sands

Valli French and/or German Silica Sands are of alluvial origin with a high content of silicon dioxide, being 99%, with a high refractory potential and a resistance to high temperatures. Valli Silica Sands are used in the following fields: glassworks, abrasives, foundries, ceramic, decoration, refractory materials, paints and varnishes, chemicals, filtration works, aquariums and sports facilities.

Valli Granulati is the leading Italian company in the colouring of silica sands. It offers a range of over 1300 colours in various grain sizes, with endless possibilities thanks to the customised colours. All Valli Silica Sands are also available in the resin-coated type, which gives the granulate a shiny effect and is useful to prevent the release of powders.

It is possible to choose the type of resin: epoxy, polyurethane, for indoor or outdoor use.